Sunday, February 12, 2012

NC Fly Fishing Show Recap 2012

This year instead of working at the club booth I took one day to soak in the show. The talent of some of the fly tiers is unbelievable. Especially the realistic fly tiers. When I saw these flies I couldn't believe they were made out of the same materials used to make common fishing flies.
The flies were intricate and detailed to the highest level. This mosquito looked so real I had to constantly fight the urge to smash it.
The tier of these flies is BoB Mead. I talked to him a while about the technique for tying the flies. It's interesting that he just did this as a hobby then people started offering what he felt was ridiculous amounts of money for the flies. He realized quickly that he could have the life we all kind of dream. His hobby could be his main form of income. His work is displayed all over and often used in movies and commercials. The fly show is always great at show casing new inventions to the fly fishing industry. Kevin Arculeo had some very interesting creations.
When I first saw the fly I didn't know what to think. It looked kind of like a science project or something more as a decoration than a fishing fly. Kevin had a small display where one of these flies was swimming against a current. It was in this display that you saw the true efficiency of the fly. It gave one of the most life like swimming motions I've ever seen. The flies are made out of foam and feather light.
There were several variations and styles. I'm pretty sure we'll see more of this type of fly in the future. Part of the fun of the show is the people. I even ran into a fellow blogger. We were both talking to the same vendor when Joel mentioned A Year On The Fly. I couldn't believe the situation. If that scenario didn't happen there would probably be no other way we would have met or known each other was at the show. We talked for a bit and checked out some of the other booths together. Joel is a cool guy and showed me a new wooden fly box he created. Like all of his creations it was awesome.

My Special Moment
Lefty Kreh was giving a presentation on casting techniques. Near the end he was looking for volunteers to try out what he was teaching. No one was chomping at the bit to volunteer but I decided to give it a try. He told me I'd be the last person for the day. It's one thing to cast on a stream with hardly anyone around but doing it in front of 50-100 people is nerve racking. He gave me a few tips to get more distance on my cast and tighter loops. Then at the very end he was talking to some folks then as I was leaving he asked where I put the fly rod. I noticed where I put it up against a railing it had slid over. I was kind of embarrassed and said "well I didn't leave it there on the ground." Lefty said that's alright and walked over with me to pick up the rod. While I picked it up and handed it to him, he said "Kevin you cast very well. Your cast is very smooth. I don't say that to very many people." The compliment blew me away and I was so taken back by who it was coming from I was speechless. I did manage to say thanks. Then I went over and told my friends and we all giggled and acted like teenage girls who just talked to Justin Beiber. It was a moment I won't soon forget and I appreciate Lefty for taking the time for anyone who will listen his knowledge.


  1. I was sure glad to finally run into you. I had a blast and only wish I could have stayed a bit longer. That picture with Lefty is one you want to keep!

  2. Joel, I'm definitely keeping it. I might frame it and see if he'll sign it next year. =)

  3. That's something to be really proud of. Congrats! That's one of the reasons I love fly fishing shows. It gives us mortals the opportunity to rub elbows with and see that "our" heroes are really human as well.

  4. Kev
    What an awesome experience to meet and actually get to enteract wiht the great great Lefty. Those flies are unreal. The only thing I have been to that even comes that close is Troutfest in the Smokies every year. Thanks for sharing a great fly fishing show.

  5. Good on you for seizing the opportunity! Very cool photo to boot!

  6. Amazing stuff. I was awestruck seeing Lefty and Bob Clouser in person. While he was signing my book, I was telling Lefty I was trying to figure out the double-haul. Without missing a beat, he offered to help me with it if he had a chance.

    That chance didn't come (I was happy to leave him to the kids that were mobbing him), but the genuineness with which he offered is something I will never forget. Plus, I have little enough confidence in my cast as-is; in front of Lefty, I'd have been a pool of jello.

    Glad you had such an awesome experience and thanks for sharing.

  7. Way cool Kevin, I'm jealous! Good on you! You know Lefty, he wasn't patronizing you, you obviously have inate tallent.

    Great for you. Gregg

  8. Very interesting flies on the photos. They really look alive. I probably would have smashed the midge. And getting instructions of Lefty. Just awesome!

    Have fun fly fishing,