Friday, December 3, 2010

The Best News Ever

So I'm working from home yesterday and getting ready to go with my wife to the Dr. The appt was right around my daughters nap time so my wife asked if I would be ok staying with her while she went alone. I wanted to go because today was the day we found out the sex of the baby. Finally, we could tell everyone and stop being asked every time we see anyone, "is it a boy or a girl?"

My wife left and I tried to not glance at the clock every minute or listen for the door to open. My daughter woke up way too early from her nap which is too often a occurrence lately. I try to entertain her and work the best I can. Anyone who has a 2yr old knows how effective that is. What is the human fascination with jumping on the bed? I know I loved it as a kid and my daughter can't get enough of it. The bad part is she comes dangerously close to flying off half the time.

Good thing we heard a key in the lock just as my daughter was getting more rambunctious. My wife comes in and I try to act interested but not make a big deal. We both know the answer I want to hear. She says "Well what do you think?" By a small attempt to hide her smile before she said anything gave me hope that she was gonna say a boy. I said "it's a boy?" My wife said yes and I really didn't think I wanted a boy that bad but when she told me you would have thought I just won the lottery. YES!!!!!!!!! I yelled, and proceeded to beat my chest and call every family member that would listen. I also did what anyone does in this day and age and updated my facebook status.

What awesome news and as lucky as we are to just have kids in general is a blessing. I'm glad to have the opportunity to experience what raising a girl and a boy is going to be like.

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