Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back from San Diego

I made it back from San Diego luckily without having to spend the night in an airport. Winter storms shut down most of the airports on the east coast the morning of our flight. We rescheduled our flight and figured there are worse places to be stuck then San Diego. It was fun seeing family and the last two days we were able to relax and didn't spend our time driving around all over the county. The weather was great and the family had a good time. I was even able to visit some of the fly shops there. I found one I never knew existed. Both shops were great and had good advice. I never knew there were bonefish in San Diego. I guess you can't sight fish for them. They hang in deep water near one of the far ends of a bay where the water stays warm year round. The shops did give me advice on trout fishing in the area and sight fishing for surf species such as halibut and corbina. I didn't bring my fly rod and the weather wasn't fishing weather at all. I still wish I took some time to wet a line some where. Oh well, there's always next time. The two shops I checked out were So Cal Fly Fishing Outfitters and The San Diego Fly Shop. There was a sale ad the SD Fly shop. I picked up a pair of convertible quick-dry Exofficio pants for $35.


  1. Always a fun place to visit. One day I want to go there and flyfish for sharks. How cool would that be to add to your species list?

  2. sounds liks a good trip, thats awesome you stoped in the shop even though you knew you werent going to be fishing.
    You should have maybe sounded interested in buying a rod and take it for a test run... bonefish deep sounds interesting..
    Nice call on the pants, last summer, two of the three of us got into the poison ivy. BAD! I was the one who escaped because of the quick dry fishing pants! Those two were messed up for weeks.