Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was told recently that there was a coupon in the latest Orvis catalog for 12 free flies. I couldn't find the coupon and resorted to sending out an e-mail to all my fishing buddies to point out where exactly the coupon was. Sure enough on Page 67 of the late summer catalog there is a page that states if you bring this to your local Orvis dealer you in fact get a dozen flies. I was really excited about this and started calling friends and began shopping to sort out what flies I'd choose. It was then that my wife finally said you are obsessed with fly fishing. If I would have known better I would have just kept quiet. But I insisted on an explanation of how she felt I was obsessed.

First off she pointed out what most people call driving I call looking for fishable water. We can't go anywhere with out me peering over the bank of a road or rubber necking at a farm pond we're passing. She always fears we're going to die in the mountains because it's fishable water overload. The next thing she pointed out is the comment I make every time I see these waters. "I should have brought my fishing pole". She noticed lately I haven't been saying that as often and that led to the next part of incriminating evidence.

My car looks like I'm trying to drive around a mobile fly shop. At anytime I am prepared to catch trout, salmon or a 300lb grouper. I usually always have two rods in my car as well as probably 100 flies. Some cars have the scent of pine or vanilla, my car has the distinct smell of wet wading boots. It is amazing how I can find anything in the back of my car. It's a wagon so the back is just a pile of fishing gear. I have maybe four fly boxes and they are kind of organized. Two are for trout and the other two are for Bass and larger fish. When you open these boxes however you better not do it during a strong breeze. There's no telling what flies have come loose and are just waiting to escape.

My wife then went on to point out the new decor of the house. In my daughters room and recently in our room there is an obvious fishing theme trying to take over. Above our bed is a poster of Traditional Trout Flies of the Southern Appalachians. Is that strange? By our washer and dryer there is tying materials. There's enough in there to tie maybe 10,000 flies. Whenever I tie it looks as though a cat has ran free through a bird aviary. Then she pointed out the most obvious.

The computer, my bookmarks are filled with 90% fishing related things. I have a fishing blog and am following 20 or so other blogs. They don't really range in topic, most if not all are about fishing. It made me really start to think about things. Ok I admit it, maybe I am a little obsessed. But is there anything much better to be obsessed about?


  1. Stay strong! I think I have 4 fly rods in the back of the SUV right now.

    One of my favorite quotes:

    "Calling Fly Fishing a hobby is like calling Brain Surgery a job."

  2. I feel ya, No there isnt anything better to be obsessed about.. beleave me Im the same way, I just got a sitation from the homeowners association saying that I need to put my trash can in the garage,, what am I supposed to do throw my fishin stuff in the driveway?
    my wife has ocd when it comes to a clean house. I have to look over my shoulder before busting out the hair stacker. good post Kev