Sunday, September 19, 2010

Low Water and the Haw River

Usually when I visit the Haw it is running at about 150cfs or above. This morning it was under 100. It allowed me to check out places I never had access to before. There is an island that I always figured if I could just get to the other side the fishing was probably great. The light was still pretty low and it was hard to see in the water but it was so low wading was pretty easy. That's not normal for this river. I was able to get to the other side and slowly make my way around the island. The view looked just as good as I expected.The pools looked like perfect places for bass to lurk. I tried to be as stealthy as possible when approaching pools. With the light of the morning I couldn't quite see in the water. I cast into a calm pool expecting a huge explosion any second. There was a little nibble but not the explosive take I was hoping for. The next pool had to hold a bass. Unfortunately it was the same scenario. Pool after pool seemed to hold plenty of sunfish but no bass. The water looked great but I guess wasn't great habitat for bass.It got a little frustrating but it was hard to be annoyed with the weather being perfect. I saw my first Haw River bald eagle and plenty of osprey. Even though the bass weren't too active the sunfish sure were. I tried to use big flies but that didn't deter the sunfish.I'm going to come back this fall and see if I can get some pictures of the birds diving into the water for fish. The day was pretty ho-hum fishing wise. I did get into a tussle with two bass but after a few seconds they came off. With fall quickly approaching and the leaves starting to change color the days on the Haw are only going to get better.

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