Sunday, May 23, 2010

What are they Eating?

Carp are frustrating fish. The worst thing that can happen for someone fishing for carp is to catch one on your first attempt. This will give you the impression that fishing for them is easy. It is anything but. I wouldn't think it was wrong to say carp are one of the hardest fish to fly fish for. The fish are very selective and spook at the slightest sense that something is wrong. When bank fishing for them, you need nerves of steel. A sudden stumble, false cast or splash can ruin any attempt at catching a fish. Just casting for a carp can be a challenge. I decided to take a video of some of the carp at a pond I frequently fish. I'm not sure how big these carp were but I'm thinking easily over 10lbs.


  1. wow man those are some monsters... betting coloser to 15 or 20lbs

  2. Put down the camera man! Those babies are ready to eat! I love that sight. Looks like you could crawl up the bank and dap a fly on those buggers. You could also cast up onto the bank and pull it into the water. That works when they are in tight like that. Good luck! Throw a damselfly or rubber legged hates ear at those bad boys.