Saturday, May 8, 2010

TFF Striper Trip 2010

Today was the TFF Striper trip and I was hoping for a day as good or better than the one I had a couple days prior. A buddy and I arrived at the boat ramp at 8am and were quickly in the water. The parking lot was full and the boat traffic was pretty thick. I was trying a new set up that I wasn't sure was going to work. I took my sinking 5wt line and put it on my 8wt rod with a T14 25ft. A pink and white clouser was the hot fly for me last time, so I tied one on and through it over board and let some line out. I stripped in getting ready to make a real cast and a fish hammered the line. While bringing the fish in I was excited to see it was bigger than any striper I have caught.Catching a fish on your first cast can be a blessing or a curse. It usually means the day is going to be outrageously good or horrible. Unfortunately for us it was the latter. It was nice being the water and enjoying each others company but the fishing was tough. We tried places all over the river with little success. There were people using bait that seemed to be catching fish some what consistent. Even when we tried fishing the same seem they were using we couldn't hook up. The place we began ended up being the only spot that was productive. The day ended with a couple fish for the both of us. I had fun but it was a pretty forgettable day otherwise. Brian was good company as always and I think we do a good job of keeping the mood light. It was fun seeing other club members on the water. Many of them were having the same kinda day. I'm thankful there were no mishaps or injuries. A few more fish wouldn't have hurt.

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  1. Looks like a great trip. Stripers are on my list and its posts like this that make me want to go even more. Good job man!!