Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tonight some friends and I checked out a section the TFF club may be adopting. After meeting up with everyone late because I had to go back for my boots and waders we got on the water. The Eno really has no ugly sections. The water was muddy but nothing I hadn't seen before. The section where I first started was a large pool.The water looked good upstream.and downstream.In the shallows I could see fish moving. When I cast close to shore I had a few hits on my popper but I couldn't keep the fish on. It took quite a few more casts but I started to get the hang of things. The fish were colorful and this one was the brightest color I had ever seen. You can see in the photo the legs of the popper I was using. I had several takes where the fish inhaled the fly, it couldn't be seen when the fish came to hand.The day went on with me catching sunnies here and there. The water had some nice features for fish cover. Submerged logs and decent size rocks just a tad smaller then what I would consider a boulder. There seemed to be sunfish in every small piece of slack water that was seen. The day ended with me catching a little bass on the white bugger pattern that's been the best this year. On the water my friends and I ran into one another. Everyone was having a pretty good day.The sections were like this and some had cover of trees that hung over the bank. The Eno really is a piece of water that is under rated.

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