Friday, January 2, 2015


I never used to take much pleasure in talking to other people. Fishing used to be a way to get away from others and find a secluded place where I could be alone with my thoughts and nature. As I get older I enjoy the company of fellow fishermen and I find myself talking to random people more often. The benefit of doing this is not only to meet great people possibly make a new friend but also you can pick up fishing tips you might not have found other wise. This just happened today as I was gearing up to fish the surf. A truck pulled up "are they biting?" The drive asked. I explained that I hadn't even hit the water yet. The gentlemen went on to talk about how in another section they caught so many they couldn't keep them all. I don't know why but I always like to think I know something others don't. Especially when it comes to fishing. I said I'll try the surf and head over if it seems dead. The gentleman looked at me a little strange and drove off. On my walk to the beach I couldn't get the gentleman's expression out of my mind. Why did he look at me so strange as he drove off? I started to beat the surf with my casts. I saw no signs of life and even worse no other fisherman. I started to wonder if I should head over to where the guy in the truck suggested. While I walked back to the car I realized why I got the look I did as the man drove away. He probably didn't understand why I was passing up a known location that obviously had fish. When I hit the other section the man from the truck was sitting on a bucket and asked how the surf was. He was reeling in a fish right as I got there. We talked for awhile and I learned we lived in the same city and had other random things in common. Then he told me to try a spot down the beach. "Usually there at least some bluefish down there" he said. This time I was listening and I headed down the beach and began casting. On my second cast I had a fish and brought it to hand. It was a speckled trout. The first I had ever caught. I dropped it back in the water still on the line and walked back to get my camera. Unfortunately once I got the camera the fish came off. I didn't catch another speck but I did hook up with 15-20bluefish. The gentleman was right on. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers and bluefish. They can save you from smelling like skunk at the end of the day.

Monday, December 1, 2014

New Challenges

Tomorrow I start my journey with a new company. This year has been very strange. My kids have taken priority over fishing. We watched several kids movies over the Thanksgiving break. Many dealt with people following their dreams. My daughter asked me what my dream was. I just sat there and for the longest time I couldn't answer. The fall back and obvious answer would be to be a full time fishing guide. That image in my head was transparent with the true dreams I now desire. The real answer is now my dreams are my children's dreams. It took me a while to realize it but now all I want to do as a father is do what I can so my children's dreams and wishes come true. I have always loved challenges and parenthood has challenged me physically and mentally in more ways than I ever could have imagined. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fun in the Leaves

My family decided to take a hike yesterday. The day was a text book definition of a fall day. I heard someone say they love the shadows in the fall. I never really understood what they meant until this day. 
 The view changed depending on where you stood and if a cloud moved across the sun.
The ground was covered with leaves and the ones on the branches seemed to be giving off their last bit of color before the cold of winter hits.
I can't help but think of fire when I see the leaves like this.
The leaves gave a amber tint to the forest. We all had a great time playing in the leaves.
I will miss fall.

Monday, October 27, 2014

If Disney Would Only Make A Fly Fishing Movie

It's really amazing how influential Disney movies are to kids. If you have never heard of the move Frozen you probably are in total isolation or you don't know anyone with kids. This movie is like heroin for any child, especially a girl under the age of 6. After just watching the movie once my laptop was no longer mine. It was now a machine with the main purpose of finding Frozen songs. I don't even dare to say the phrase "let it go" in my house out of fear my wife or daughter will burst out into song. What's crazy is how kids view the main characters of this movie. The one who has all the powers is cool and the one who's trying to save her from turning bad is kind of meh. If Disney would only make a fly fishing movie. Share the problems of development and how it affects wildlife that would be huge. Make a brook trout the main character and show how sediment is affecting the habitat. Have a hellbender be something all the animals are scared of but some how saves the day at the end. Show how a clean stream allows the insects to thrive and how it ties into the ecosystem. I think a movie like this would be more beneficial to children in the long run. A lot better then teaching them there isn't much more to life than singing songs and being a princess.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Love PlanetTrout

Besides my family and friends in California the one thing I really miss is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I grew up camping and fishing in the streams that were fed by glaciers in these mountains. The memories are some of my fondest. I've been trying to get back to at least visit this place for years. In the meantime I've lived vicariously through blogposts and youtube videos. Many are painful to watch. Not because of the content. Mainly because of how bad they make me miss this place. Kind of like running into your ex with her new significant other. It stings a little and all the memories and good times flashback. Some are so vivid you can almost feel as you're reliving the moments. The blog that has given me this feeling the most is PlanetTrout. The author not only is a great fly tier and fisherman but also does the Sierra's justice with his photos. It's torture to read it at times because it makes me want to jump on a plane and fly out to Bishop tomorrow. Until that time comes I'll have to keep enjoying the adventures from afar.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Nice Way To Start Fall

Hit a DH with my mother today and had a great time. I caught the usual average stocked trout.
It was fitting that my mom caught the biggest fish of the day.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Personal Best

"Don't Move!" I told Shea. From my vantage point I could see a large tail and half of a big fish just near the bank. Shea was almost right on top of it and the tall grass was blocking his view. I peeked around the grass to get a better look. There lying just inches off the shore was one of the biggest bass I have ever seen. My rod was already rigged and I hurried to get a cast in before the fish spooked. My first cast landed just above the fish and didn't sink. I thought for sure the fish was going to take off. It didn't seem fazed. I slowly lifted the fly and made a second cast just off to the side of the fish. At first the fish showed no interest then just as the fly settled on the bottom the fish turned and slowly swam towards the fly. I could see everything, my fly, the fish and then the take. I set the hook with authority and the fish headed for deeper water. Shea and I were in disbelief. Sure you see big fish all the time but how often do you catch them and even if you're lucky enough to hook them will they stay on? The fish started to thrash and show its true size. It verified that indeed it was the biggest bass I have ever hooked with a fly. The fish shook its head and its mouth looked like it could swallow a softball with room to spare. I didn't have a net and I slid down the bank to find a good place to land the fish. The fish came close and I made a grab for my leader. The bass made another good run and I was worried it was going to snap my rod. I regained control and brought the fish over again. This time the fish brought its head up slowly and I quickly grabbed the fishes lower lip. The mouth was too big to lip with my thumb. I basically put all of my fingers in the beast's mouth and made a fist.
The fish measured almost exactly 22inches and had some serious battle scars. I wish I took more pics of the fish but I was worried about over stressing it. It's a fish I'll never forget.