Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Stuff

It's been forever in a day since my last post. So long that I actually had a fellow blogger reach out and make sure I still had the ability to type words and think up full sentences. I turned 40 this year and I'd love to say I am wiser but if I've learned anything it's that I have a lot to learn. This year more than others has taught me to appreciate friends, cherish family, and make my health a priority.

My fly tying skills have gone to crap. I tied my first fly in months last night with a tying group. My clouser was pretty embarrassing. I think it might have been worse than the very first clouser I ever tied. I struggled with remembering how to tie patterns and relearning techniques. While talking to others in the group I was reminded of why I go to these things. It's the fellowship and the constant reminder that in all of life's craziness fishing has brought us together. Some of the news was sad and some funny but all of it was enriching and it really kickstarted my fly fishing engine. Which is most likely the reason I'm writing this today.

Why such a long hiatus from my last post?

I really don't have a good answer. I'd like to say it was the kids, family obligations or work that kept me away but that would just be an excuse. Truth be told I've been getting into mountain biking, playing video games and I guess the kids are taking up more free time. Fishing has taken a lower number on my list of priorities. There has been a lot of thought over the direction of this blog. I've thought about starting a vblog on youtube about fly fishing my local waters. I've also tried to refocus what this blog means to me and why I have it. In the end, I decided to stop thinking about things and get out and fish. My big plan for this year is to get my daughter out on the water. I plan to share the experiences with all of you.

I did make it out to wet a line last weekend. I was skunked but I was able to explore new water and make a friend. I've tried for a long time to get recognition for my fly fishing prowess. It wasn't until recently that I realized I care more about what my friends and family think of me. If at the end of the day I've made more friends than fish I caught I'll be happy.

Tight lines my friends.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Round 2

My goodies arrived from the Windknots and Tangled Lines giveaway. It was a nice distraction from me staring out the window at frozen snow. 
If you haven't checked out the blog Windknots and Tangled Lines you've been missing out. The blog owner Howard is a great guy and one of the best in the fly fishing blogosphere.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Best Video Ever

So happy I can finally share this. It's a collaboration I did with Jumping Rock Media about the Eno River. I'm really proud of how this turned out. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Watch Your Step

This is how the small creek I fished looked over the weekend. It was very dangerous. The dry leaves covered the water running just underneath. In some places it hid where there was wet rock. A couple times I stepped on what I thought was solid ground only to have all the leaves move at once. I took some nasty falls and I was lucky to not get hurt. The leaves are beautiful but the experience reminded me they can also be a hazard. Watch your step out there.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Adoration For Browns

For some reason, browns are special to me. I've always had a deep respect for them. They seem to be great at adapting and efficient at hunting. Arguably they are the smartest fish when they're combined with rainbows and brook trout. There is a feeling of accomplishment every time I catch a decent sized brown. Catching one over 15inches isn't a common occurrence for me. What I find interesting is the bigger browns I usually catch are on flies I have no real confidence in. Take this last fishing trip for instance. I've never been a huge fan of copper johns. I have friends that swear by them but they never worked well for me. I'm sure it's partly because of my confidence in fishing them. On this day I was running low on the usual softhackles I love and decided to try a rubber legged copper john. I didn't catch a ton of fish on it but did manage this largest fish of the day which happened to be a brown.
Do the larger browns hit these flies because they are less common and they haven't learned to avoid them yet? Or is it just luck? I have no idea but it keeps me reaching for those flies in the far corner of my box that get overlooked.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Post Hurricane Matthew

I hadn't worn my waders in months. Hurricane Matthew gave me a good reason to wear them again as I assessed the water around my house. We had over 6" of rainfall in a 24 hour period. I found out water will find a way to seal itself even where there are cracks. The water had pushed leaves, pine needles, and other debris against the cracks in the fence and created a dam. Water started to build up and push its way towards the house. My last resort was breaking one of the fence slats to let the water out. Once I made the hole I could feel the current pushing against my waders. It made me think about the people wading through several feet of water in other areas. That has got to be terrifying. The day after the storm was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky and the air was dry and cool. It was the first day that really felt like fall. I was able to muster up the family to go on a bike ride. I wanted to assess the damage on a local greenway. The creek that followed the trail was swollen and water covered the trail several times. We also came across downed trees.
This part of the trail was unrecognizable. Sediment covered the trail and the creek used the trail for its flow. 
Nature never ceases to amaze me. We were really lucky with Matthew it could have been a lot worse.