Monday, November 18, 2019

Fly Fishing Podcasts

This has been a strange year for me. I haven't had the desire to fish as much as in the past. Recently I started listening to podcasts. I find them entertaining when I'm driving to work or running errands. The podcasts hosted by comedians are what I started with then I slowly migrated to fly fishing podcasts. I've found two in particular that perked up my interest in fly fishing again. One is called Anchored with April Vokey and the other is the Remote No Pressure Fly Fishing Podcast.

Both of these podcasts have great guests and the hosts to a good job of keeping the conversation engaging. You'll feel like you're sitting right in the same room with them. If you're looking for something different to entertain you while driving or doing odd jobs check these out.


  1. Those are 2 really great podcasts that I enjoy listening, too. There are more than a few good ones out there. Could you recommend some comedian hosted podcasts you've been frequently listening to?

    1. I really like Conan Needs A Friend and How did this get Made? RadioLab isn't a comedy podcast but it has really good stories.