Friday, November 15, 2019

Large Mouth Bass Are Snobs

There's talk of picky fish like carp and trout feeding on specific bugs but few fish swim away with the smugness of a largemouth bass. Bass don't just refuse your fly they do it with a fishy version of giving you the finger. I recently found some huge largemouth bass holding close to downed trees near the bank. I cast a few flies and the large bass just ignored it. One fish in particular gave my fly the same look cute girls gave me in school. Like they had just stepped in gum, it was annoying and they wish it never happened. They don't even swim away a lot of times when your fly falls near them they just ignore it and act like you were stupid for even trying. Few fish give more of an indication of who is more clever than the largemouth. I guess I love to hate them because I keep going back for more punishment. More looks of pity and anger from the bass as they wait for this idiot to stop raining trash into their fishing space. I think maybe that is the only reason they hit at times. They think ENOUGH and just hit out frustration and the desire to be left alone. We think we're smarter as we take pictures and release them back to where they came from. More often though we leave empty handed cussing under our breath and the bass watches us walk away with that dumb permanent frown. 


  1. I've had numerous bass over the years to hit a lure or fly simply out of being annoyed with its presence. Sometime I've had them to slap at the fly either by hitting it with their head or tail. My patience wears thin when this is happening and I move on. Thanks for sharing

    1. I love catching bass but I've never had so many frustrating refusals from a fish. Thanks for the comment Bill.