Monday, July 2, 2018

Father & Son Camping trip

My wife was doing a girls thing with some friends and my daughter. I decided to do the same with my son and go camping. It was a lot of work and I'm not sure I'd do it again with just the two of us but we had a good time. 
A creek ran right next to our campsite and we hiked between the times we played in the water. 
The campground we stayed at is called Stone Mountain State Park. The camp sites are very nice with great restrooms and shower facilities. There is easy access to hikes and fishing around the park. The views form the top of Stone Mountain are beautiful.
There's also several hikes that lead to waterfalls. We did the lower falls hike where there's a huge staircase leading to the bottom of the falls.
I found the engineering of the staircase about as impressive as the falls themselves.
The park is at a higher elevation but it was unusually warm this last weekend. The night was a little brutal. Even with a small thunder shower the temperature and humidity didn't drop much. The weather kept us in the shade and in the creek and we made the most of it. 
I'm sure I'll be back here again soon with the family.


  1. Great memories. :) Those are the kind that stick.

  2. Kevin
    I remember carrying our son and daughter there when they were little. Dad and son will remember this trip. Thanks for sharing

  3. I remember those camping trips so many years ago. Your son will never forget the special time with dad.

  4. Wish I didnt have to pull teeth to get my kids out of the house.