Monday, April 9, 2018

More Incentive to Tie Than Buy

My buddy asked if I wanted to come along with him to our local shop that sells flies. I hadn't been in awhile so I decided to go. We walked over to the fly bin area and I started to scan around at the various patterns. While looking I ran across a small sign that said flies only $2.50. At first I figured they meant streamers were that price but I was mistaken. The streamers were $4-$5. I recently bought some flies last year via Etsy. The flies were $3.75 for 3. Recently I noticed those kind of deals are few and far between now. I'm wondering when I missed something. Did the price of materials go way up?

Seems like the average price for a fly is $2.29. This gives me way more incentive to tie and even possibly try to sell some of my flies. I'd happily take $2 for any fly I tie.

Has anyone else noticed this influx in pricing? Is it giving you more motivation to tie your own flies?


  1. poppers and streamers have most assuredly gone up.

    I personally love to tie, but not to save money. I just like the satisfaction of tying, and sharing my work, but I know what you mean. it's almost beginning to be "worth it."

    There are many great sites out there for quality flies at low prices. (all the patterns. I can confirm, these are VERY Good for the price) (super cheap, but still O.K.)

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    2. Thanks for the other sites Jason. They do have some good deals.

  2. Kevin
    I've said over and over that I need to learn to tie my own flies, but I wonder if I would have the patience--for now I'm still buying over priced flies---thanks for sharing