Friday, January 19, 2018

Good For Entertainment, Bad for Fly Fishing

Pic taken from #CheekyFlyfishing
If you follow any popular fly fishermen on Instagram you'll see epic catch after epic catch. We live in a world where awesome moments can be shown at the click of a button. If you compared your fishing prowess to what you see on social media you probably feel pretty inept. What you never see on those popular accounts are the skunk, line caught in trees, losing fly-boxes or net, falling in water days. You only see the awesome and the real fishing days are swept under the rug because of course those don't get any "likes." I often wonder how this pressure of being "liked" can prevent newbies from ever trying fly fishing. It has to come down to are you fishing to impress others or make yourself happy?

I'm being hypocritical if I say I've never gotten caught up in the social media tornado. It can really gain momentum if you work at it. That's the key to is working at it. That's why I respect the people who put in the time and effort to make what they post entertaining and attractive. I just wish there was more about the not so awesome times as well as the awesome ones. I think they'd gain more of an audience that way. It's this way of thinking that probably has me still having to work a day job instead living off the subscribes and likes.


  1. I'm not afraid of no skunks. And I've certain caught my share of trees. (In season or out!)As a matter of fact the only thing I haven't done is lose a net because I always forget it in the car. Social media is a double edged sword. It's good for business but can consume you like a forest fire.

  2. Kevin
    The only media craze I am caught up in is blogging, and at times have trouble keeping pace with it--my wife does enough social media for the both of us. Thanks for sharing

  3. If you check out my Instagram page, you'll see a lot of scenic photographs, tied flies, and other people with fish...hahahaha because I can't seem to catch anything, but when I do, it's the side of a twinkie and I'll still share it. :)

    1. You have one of the better accounts. I like yours.