Monday, July 13, 2015

Beating The Heat

Last weekend we tried to escape the heat in Raleigh by heading to the mountains. The weather is always 10-15 degrees cooler there and I figured the kids could play in the creek to cool off. 
We spent our time splashing and rock hopping. 
My daughter was getting a little too adventurous. Her and a friend went way down the creek and started to get into situations where they weren't sure just how to climb back up. She has no fear and as much as I admire that it scares me at times. 
I've always been a fan of those blurred water fall images. I decided to try taking some. I kept playing with the shutter speed until I got something I liked.
I love how this waterfall turned out. The blur of the water is cool and I love how you can even make out the clear pool below. I got pretty lucky with this next shot.
The lighting was just right. I was using a rock as a tripod so I wasn't really sure how these pictures turned out until I got home.

The Boone, NC area is a great place if you love to hike. The Blue Ridge Parkway has so many trails I think it would take you a life time to try them all. One of my favorites is the Rough Ridge Trail. It is great for kids who like to climb things. The trail runs through almost a trench that's lined with vegetation and rocks.
The trees can provide some protection from the wind that can get quite strong. There are several over looks along the trail with some stunning views.
The sky always seems to look better here.
I never get tired of coming here and as the kids get older they seem to enjoy it more and more. It was pretty tiring hiking and playing most of the day but one afternoon I did get a chance to wet a line.
This is one of my favorite sections of river. I just seem to find peace here and there's plenty of room to cast and just enjoy the scenery. I watched birds skim insects off the surface and caught smallmouth and rock bass here and there.
I can't see how the weekend could have been much better.


  1. Absolutely beautiful country. The first waterfall is awesome. It would make a good wallpaper picture for your computer.

  2. Kevin
    First off the images are amazing especially the water falls. What a great place for the family to spend and explore the beauty of the mountains. Awesome redeye bass landed in some fantastic looking waters. Thanks for sharing

    1. It's a special place for sure. Thanks for the comment Bill.

  3. I feel cooler just looking at these photos! Great family fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful setting, Kevin. Great pictures, and time well spent with the family. I enjoy these posts.

  5. That looks like a great weekend all the way around. The Boone area is one of my favorite places.

  6. Kevin, I want to be there. The photographs are great and I'm so jealous.

  7. I enjoy your blog. Tight lines.