Thursday, April 9, 2015

Crappie Morning

A warm front came through and I figured it might entice the crappie into the shallows. It rained last night and usually that makes things even better. The storms usually flush warmer water into lakes and streams boosting the temperatures. Fish become active and start feeding because of the upswing in temperatures but also from the flood of things drowning in the water. The action wasn't hot and heavy but it was educational. I found several signs of catfish cruising the shore

 and these crappie were staging.
Should only be a matter of time before they start filling in the shoreline. This crappie was so large I mistook it for largemouth. It has obviously been eating well. The catfish never surprise me but they do seem to have major feeding frenzies with temperature changes. I'm still trying to figure them out.


  1. Kevin
    Both those fish had to be a blast on the fly rod, especially that catfish; I am guessing it took a while to land the cat. Did you keep both for a meal. Excellent table fare, congrats on the outing!! Thanks for sharing

    1. I didn't eat either. I'm not a real big fish eater. Sometimes I crave a catfish po'boy or fish and chips but it's rare.

  2. Nice fish Kev. Things are picking up all over.

  3. I bet that catfish was an absolute blast to fight on a fly rod! I have yet to come across one that will eat a fly. I'm with, Howard, it's good to see the fishing pick up all over!