Sunday, April 12, 2015

Crappie Are Weird

These fish are very strange. I'd say they are the easiest fish to catch with a fly IF you can find them. That's the hard part. They will also trick you even if you do find them. One day they will hit every thing that touches the water. The next day you will not even get a bite and swear all the fish left the area. It's a cruel game they play but when they cooperate it's glorious.

I caught my biggest the other day right at my feet. 
Such a different experience from when I was catching them before. I'd like to think it was staging for spawning but it was the only other fish I caught. Were there more fish and they just weren't hitting? Has the amount of fish fallen off? Who knows, I guess it's the enigma that keeps us coming back to figure out.


  1. Kevin
    What a monster crappie, and on the fly at that!!! I have been told by some of the seasoned crappie fishermen in this area, that crappie take on a short bite and if you happen to be near a feeding pod when they are biting, then you will land fish for 15 or 20 minutes, then the bite will stop. I have witnessed this with my brother who fishes for the fish a lot. By the way what fly pattern did they take? Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow!!!!! Crappie are some pretty fish. That last one is a hawg!!! Nice work!