Friday, March 13, 2015

Fly Vs Jerk

I stumbled across this show while surfing youtube. It's more gratuitous over the top fishing but with a little spin on it. There's two teams, one exclusively fly fishes and the other fishes with jerk baits. The whole premise of the show is that this is a contest to see which method is more effective at catching not only good numbers of pike but big pike. In the end do we really think this competition means anything? Most likely not but I love the fishing footage and it is neat how they showcase the gear they are using. The first few episodes have some obvious sponsor promotion shots but there's a good portion of the show that is just straight up fishing. I just watched this episode last night and it was pretty good.


  1. I've been watching this YouTube series for awhile now, and it is very entertaining. I'm with you on the whole end game of it lacking. I hope to one day catch pike that big. It's amazing the numbers both teams are able to attain. I also find it really interesting that those fly guys use tube flies. They're great tiers, too.

  2. I'd love to catch a musky like that in VA. The tube flies are probably the only way the fly guys can get mass on their fly and keep it light enough to cast on a fly rod. Not really sure. It's fun to watch. I wish they'd do another one where they target a different species.

  3. Kevin I wonder if you can be a jerk on the fly?

    1. Howard the title did leave a lot to the imagination when I first saw it.