Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bass Morning, Trout Evening

Usually even when I try to plan something like this it never works out. There was a thunderstorm in the morning which made the water stained and muddy. Still managed to catch one of my favorite species, a white bass. 
I went to the mountains later in the day and tried a trout stream I'm familiar with. I forgot to pack my trout flies so all I had was streamers. The white wooly buggers saved me from a skunk again.


  1. Very nice! I'm hoping to hit the white bass run here, soon!

  2. Kevin
    From warm water to cold water and landing species in both is a good run. The white bugger save me the other day on our local lake, nothing would work but the white. thanks for sharing

  3. That is an awesome day, with 2 beautiful fish. That white bass looks like a beast! I bet that put a nice bend in the rod.