Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Pool

Whenever you go fishing there's usually one place that captivates you so much you can waste your whole day there. A buddy and I went to a wild stream and we found such a place.
Really we found more than one.
This creek has pools that make you afraid to move on because you can't believe there is anything better.
Then reluctantly you hike on and around the next bend, unbelievably, there is another one almost prettier than the first.
The fish aren't shabby either.
This was my first NC wild brookie. It wasn't displaying its fall colors but it was still beautiful to me.
Visiting these streams always makes me wonder why I don't fish them more. My buddy and I were the only people we saw all day.
In this pool I missed a good sized fish. The fish hit on the next two casts and on the third I hooked up.
The average size wild fish in this area is around 8 inches. This fish was well beyond that. I figured it was a rainbow.
When I got it close I realized it was a brookie. The biggest wild one I had ever seen.
The fish had an almost kiped jaw which made me wonder about it's age.
The fish was 11 inches and released hopefully with not too much harm. We headed out not long after that. We couldn't see the day getting much better.


  1. Oh Yeah! Simply beautiful and I wholeheartedly agree. Fishing doesn't get any better or prettier.

  2. I agree I would have a hard time leaving that first pool. Hell I had a hard time just scrolling away from the picture. Nice Brookie too!

  3. Stellar. I've spent many hours in the Smokies on streams like that. That is some beautiful water right there. Good stuff, man.

  4. Nice water it is! Snakey large trout but pretty, winter's are tough I bet, probably like our high mountain streams. Good stuff.


    1. I always wonder how these fish survive the winter. The water gets low and I imagine the stream almost gets frozen solid. They must go into some sort of suspended animation mode.