Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Whiner Post

You might have had the experience as a kid when someone finds something of yours that you forgot was missing. Usually the item is given back or in rare instances you hear the expression "finders keepers." As you grow older I think your behavior in these situations defines your character. In my opinion if you are doing an activity with someone and they leave something behind if they make any attempt to get the item back it is your moral obligation to return it. I've had some experiences recently that have proved not everyone feels this way. I figured the best way to vent my frustration is with a blog post.

I fished with someone for the first time on a local river and we went different directions to give each other space. While crossing a downed tree I dropped my forceps. The person I was fishing with found them later while walking on the same trail. As what usually happens when people fish together we were spread apart and left without saying goodbye to one another. Later when we were exchanging emails about our fishing experience I mentioned that I had lost some forceps. In a response I was told that this guy found them. I then asked if he could ship them and he said that would be fine just send my address. I did and didn't think much about it later. A week or so went by and I didn't receive anything in the mail. I sent a kind of reminder status update on if the forceps were in the mail. The person responded saying they were super busy and just hadn't had time yet. This is where it got weird for me. That was the last response I ever got from this person. I tried several times to contact them through email. When I say several times I don't mean I emailed them every day. I emailed them maybe once every 2weeks. After the 3rd or 4th email I just gave up and figured I was never getting the forceps back. I still have yet to see them. I understand life throws things at you and shipping someone some forceps isn't a high priority. I just can't understand the lack of any communication back or honestly taking 5min to mail something or even meeting up again. It's not the value of the forceps it's the principle that this person knows they were mine and is making no effort to give them back.

This next scenario is the one that is boggling my mind. I admit I leave things behind all the time. Jackets, hats, water bottles, if it's not attached to me I will probably leave it at some point or another. Even if that's the case does that mean it's fair game for anyone to keep? I was playing volleyball outside with a group of people I don't know really well. It was dark when we were leaving and I was in a hurry. I had bought some new sunglasses and neglected to grab them as I left. I emailed the group later asking if anyone had seen them. Someone responded saying who picked them up. I contacted this person directly asking if we could meet up so I could get the sunglasses back. The person admitted they had them and said yeah it was no big deal. I went on vacation for 2weeks and when I came back I emailed asking about the glasses. The person responded saying they could meet up "sometime". That was the last response. It's been 3 weeks since then and I haven't had any other communication. I've tried emailing the person about once a week. We live in the same city folks. This isn't like the person would have to drive 50miles to return them. I even offered to go to their house. Still no response. I really don't get it and again it isn't about the material thing. It's about the principle. This person has something they know isn't there's and isn't making any effort to return it. Would this type of thing bother you or is it just me?


  1. Sounds like you're a chronic loser. You said so yourself. LoL forget the forceps, those are gone. Hope you get your shades back. Next time you see zingers at your local fly-shops register, buy a dozen. Good luck.

    1. Swamp, I would take offense to your comment if it wasn't so true. I actually have some zingers. In UT I lost some nippers because they got caught on some bushes I was trying to go threw. The whole thing snapped off zinger and all. I'm rough on gear

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  3. I hear you Kevin. I'm not a usually to bad about leaving stuff behind, but I agree. It's one thing to lay something down and an unknown person finds it. It's quite another when someone you know and can talk to finds it and doesn't give it back. No principles, no ethics, no morals. I do agree with Swamp, like them or not, zingers are probably your only answer...or signing up for a memory workshop.

  4. Oh, and maybe a refining your taste in who you associate with.