Saturday, June 22, 2013

Utah Bound

Picture via Microsoft Clip Art

In a few weeks my family will be taking an adventure to Utah. I wish I could say the reason was for fishing but that would be false. We're actually going for my wife's family reunion. I'm hoping to sneak in fishing when I can. We'll be spending some time in Park City and Ogden. I'd like to check out Ogden Canyon, The Weber and The Provo. I have been annoying authors from other blogs that are headquartered in UT. Special thanks to:

I hope I can fish with some of these folks while I'm out there. My wife is getting sick of me showing her maps and places I think we should check out. My reasons aren't just because there's fishing close by. Really they're not. There's a lot to fish for: muskie, pike, trout, carp, grayling and even salmon in certain areas. To say I'm eager to get out there is a severe understatement.


  1. Hope you do get to sneak in a bit of fishing. I try to everywhere for every event even if the idea raises ire.


  2. Sweet. Been to SLC a couple of times but haven't been able to fish out there. Hope you get a chance to sample some of that water.

  3. Good luck sneaking away. Maybe you can talk fishing with some of her relatives, and they want to go, too. How can she say "no" then :) ha Loop holes!