Friday, June 7, 2013

April Vokey Has Some Competition

I can't believe it has taken this long. When I saw the fame April Vokey was getting I was waiting for copycats to come out of the woodwork. There were a few attempts here and there but it seemed no one committed to the whole "I'm an attractive woman and like to fly fish" niche. That was until I ran across Rebekka.
Picture from the site- Rebekka
Rebekka is the new spokeswoman for the magazine The New Fly Fisher
 Her site is kind of all over the place. There are wildlife pictures, obvious modeling shots, then genuine fishing pictures like this.
Picture from the site- Rebekka
It will be interesting to see how popular she gets.


  1. I, too, have been waiting for more women to come out just like April Vokey. It gets you thinking thought....Are they for real? Or are they just trying to capitalize on a sport that is mostly male with their looks.

  2. Justin, I think her spelling her name with 2 k's and most of the pics on her website will give the answer. =)

  3. If you are on Facebook and pay attention to many of the fly fishing sites you'll see a proliferation of women anglers running web pages or Facebook pages. South Dakota Flygirl, Montana Fly Girl to name two besides Rebekka. They are all very attractive and seem to know how to fish and they are approachable. Hopefully, the ones who are using it for a gimmick will disappear and we will be able to enjoy the fishermen who know what they're doing.

    1. No doubt that there are some women out there that are legit. I follow quite a few of them on instagram, twitter etc... This was the second post I've seen about Rebekka. I just don't believe that she's genuine, and more of a gimmick....but like you said, hopefully, the ones who are using it for a gimmick will disappear.