Friday, February 15, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the WTF?

Inspired by Howard's post from Windknots and Tangled Lines I decided to post my recent ties.  I found this fly at Orvis and I loved it.  I'm a big fan of beads in flies and I also love soft hackles.  This fly had a little of everything.
In the process of trying to tie this fly I went a little hackle crazy. I kept thinking about other things to add and try. Next thing I knew half of my tying materials were out on my table. I had so much crap stuff everywhere that I kept losing my scissors and other tools. Even if a fly turns out ugly I want to keep it. When you're tying a fly you kind of attach a memory too it. When you fish it you remember when you tied it and why you tied it that way. Here's what I ended up with and I know it's all over the board.
One thing you'll notice is how none of the flies look exactly the same. I have a hard time with that. I also don't stress about it so the flies come out how they come out.
I'll have to wait until the spring to try a lot of these. I have been working quite a bit on carp fly experiments. Most of them are similar or an attempt at what is out there.
These were my first attempts at Jay Zimmeraman's Back Stabbers. I really like how they came out and they are fairly simple to tie.


  1. Those orange head flies are killers.

  2. Kev
    I am a sucker for just about any pattern and all of these are fish attractors. One never really knows weather a pattern will produce until you get it wet. I too, am a big fan of the beadhead. Great Job!!

  3. Brk Trt, I hope they work as well as they look.

    Bill, I'm the same way. I went fishing with Lance Milks today. I caught a bass on one of the carp flies like the ones I sent in for the carp swap.

  4. Go ahead, Kevin, Go Crazy! Sure a bunch of good looking and fish catching soft hackles there. Now, you have motivated me to get back to my fly tying desk.

  5. Love to look at flies and love the look of these!