Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paying It Forward

It never ceases to amaze me how fly fishermen and fisherwomen help one another.   I did a post a few weeks ago about fly fishing apps.  In my search I couldn't find anything recent but I did find some applications that were fairly old.  Some didn't work with later versions of Windows.  I was contacted by Bob Burdett and avid fly fisherman who just so happens to dabble in programming.   He has created a database with tons of fly tying patterns and regular fly fishing info in general.  Bob offered a copy of the program and like so many other fly fishing experiences when I offered to pay him for at least the CD, shipping or endorsement this was his response.

"Hi Kevin -
Mailed the package today and you should have it towards the end of the week. Appreciate your offer for distributing my "inventions" but everything I do in regards to fly fishing is gratis. If I can make the world a slightly better place by creating something then it becomes slightly better."

Bob and I also shared various fishing tales and information about fishing our local waters.   I was really tickled that he was kind enough to contact me and hook me up with what obviously took a lot of time and effort to create.  Bob's program is called The Lost Creek Fly Database.

You can see by the picture the database has a lot more than just fly patterns. The fly patterns archive is very extensive.

If you select the fly you'll be taken to a specified screen. Here you'll see the materials needed to tie the fly and step by step instructions on how to tie it.
The coolest thing is you can add your own creations to the database. I can see me using this for years to come. OK here's the part where I pay it forward. You saw Bob's email about doing this gratis. I asked him if minded me sharing his creation. He said he was fine with it but if someone wanted a copy of the program to contact him directly. I told him he might get bombarded with requests. This was his response.

"I am glad you like it. Review it and blog away ... if I was worried about being bombarded I would not have responded on your site. If someone can use it, I always smile."

Bob you asked for it. If anyone would like a copy of this awesome program please contact Bob by clicking here.


  1. Hi, Kevin. This looks really interesting. Would like to check into getting a copy. However, the link doesn't work. Help!

  2. Kev
    This is awesome and so useful for those of us needing a little help in the fly tying and fishing sometimes. I will certainly use some of these apps. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sorry about that Mel, I fixed the link for the email address.

  4. Wow- very nice story.
    I do not have any device that would let me use an app but if I did I would be spending a lot of time on that one.

  5. Sorry guys, I guess I should have explained this more in the post. This database isn't really an app. It is an actual database basically running on Windows Access. You'll need Access 2010 to run it. Microsoft office Professiona 2010 comes with Access. I apologize for any confusion.

  6. I wonder if they make a print version since I don't have any of those electronic contraptions.

  7. NICE!!! I want to start tying this year so I wil have to add that app to the deck!!!!

  8. NICE!!! I want to start tying this year so I wil have to add that app to the deck!!!!