Saturday, December 8, 2012

You Snooze, You Lose

The recent temperature swings have made my allergies go crazy.  I've missed out on two fishing trips because I can't seem to shake this nagging cold.  It seems to have moved from a throbbing pain in my head down to my chest.  I can barely go a half hour without  coughing.  Enough about that.  Trying to keep myself in doors and some what rested I've been doing christmas shopping.  During my searches I scan for wish list items.  The Cabelas CGR rod was on my list and I actually owned one for a short time.  I returned it because at the time I had higher priorities that needed the funds. 

I decided to look into the rod again for a possible christmas present.  What's this?  It no longer exists.  It looks as though Cabela's discontinued their 50th anniversary version and now they have a CGT version.
The price has been raised $50 for these glass rods and the color has gone from grass green to a rusty reddish brown. I actually like this color better. I think the price makes the rod a little intimidating for people new to glass. Especially when you can get an Eagle Claw Featherlight for under $40.
The Cabela's glass version rods must be decent. I couldn't find any for sale on ebay or other sites. People must be happy with them. I feel a little dumb for returning mine.  Maybe a Featherlight is in my future.


  1. What a steal! Have you purchased from Troutlet??

  2. I've got Cabela's 3 and 4 wgt. graphite rods. Good rods. I've got an old glass rod from my grandfather but it needs major work if you want it.

  3. Riverwalker, No, I haven't bought one yet. I really don't need another 5wt but at that price I might just try it out.

  4. Kevin, take the Featherlight and run. You'll love it.

  5. Hey Kevin, I'm heading to the river Tues if you want to join.

  6. Hi Kev
    I know where you are coming from with the allergies. Spring and Fall are my worse times. As for the fly rods, I look for weight in fly rods meaning extremely light to fish with with all day. I like the glass rods but as I get older I discovered the light fiberglass rods work better for me. I don't know if you saw a post I did a couple of weeks ago about the Redington Fly Rod if not take a look using this link Thanks for sharing