Saturday, September 15, 2012


I have always been amazed at the ability of artists.  It seems almost like a super power to pull something from imagination and paint it with expert precision.  There was a recent Artspark festival in Raleigh.  One of the exhibits was graffiti artists.  I came across a guy painting a Land Rover.  He was painting a log using a spray paint can.
The detail on the reeds and grass was amazing. It looked almost like a hi-def photograph of grass. The brown log looked pretty good too. I found out later that was just the beginning. The brown was just the base of the log. 30min later the logs looked like this.
My brain had a hard time interpreting how this was even possible. Especially how it was done in such a short time frame. The talent of artists like this blow me away. The streets seemed to be oozing talent wherever you looked there was amazing works of art.
20min later.
There were street artists showcasing their talents as well.
All I could really say after is WOW. Some of the street painting were just getting started so I think we're going back again tomorrow to see the paintings finished. Sorry about the lack of fishing posts lately. Work has been super busy and my weekends have been spent doing family activities. Hopefully I can find time on the water soon. An exhibit today had a insect sample from a local river. There were nymphs that I didn't think lived in this part of the state. Stonefly, mayfly and helgramites were all found. I need to re-think how I fish certain rivers.

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