Sunday, August 19, 2012

Instilling Confidence

It's been awhile but I finally cast a fly right where I thought a fish should be and caught one.   I was starting to wonder if I have no idea where fish really hold.  Recenly every "fishy" looking spot I attempted to fish resulted in nothing.  Yesterday a buddy and I hit a local lake.  It was a slow morning until  I cast a white wooly bugger near a half submerged log.  It was one of those casts where you think if I don't catch one like this I probably won't catch anything all day.  Sure enough the line jerked and a fish was on.  Nothing amazing but definitely a confidence booster.  Turned out to be my only fish of the day.


  1. Kevin
    One is better than getting shucked.

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  3. I love when that happens. You know there has got to be a fish right there and sure enought there is. Makes me feel like I almost know what I'm doing sometimes.