Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fishing with your kids

There's one fishing trip I am looking forward to above all others. I can't wait to take my kids out on the stream and get them addicted to fishing. My daughter will most likely be the first, forced out into a stream with a fly rod. Even with her daddy ignoring her pleas for a Dora the Explorer fishing pole.  She loves the outdoors and exploring but she hasn't shown a huge interest in fishing. A concern I have is her independence. She wants to do EVERYTHING on her own. I was doing a casting demo at a county fair. My daughter wanted to try it out. Notice where I am.
Every time I tried to help or guide her hand she would shoo me away like a horsefly and say "I can do it, I can do it." I'm thinking this scenario is going to play out for along time. Me trying to hold her hand through every step in life and her defiantly wanting to do everything herself. There's a part of it that makes me sad and a part of me that loves the independence at the same time. I guess no matter what you try to help your kids and it's a blessing if they have interest in the same hobbies. When I bought this short rod I was hoping it might be her first. Then maybe passed on to my son. One great thing I've learned from fishing is it is a great opportunity to get to know someone. Sometimes people share things they'd never share in a different situation. Who better to get to know than your own children.


  1. Nice Kev. You are going to have your hands full in a few years but if it's just about fly fishing it will be fun.

  2. They been independent that's a good thing. Just always been there should they ever turn around to ask you something. Looks like your doing a pretty good job so far.

  3. Kev
    Cherish these moments, because they will be gone before you know it--brings back memories of my daughter and me. Thanks for the memories