Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fly Fishing Gear Made in the U.S.

I recently read a post on the blog Fishingthroughlife.  It was about supporting U.S. manufacturers when purchasing fly fishing gear.  I took this post to heart and started to really research which companies manufacture their products in the U.S.  It wasn't really that easy to find.  I finally found this site.  It goes over quite a few companies and also asks questions about why we can't get more products made in the U.S.  Definitely check out the part about hook production.   This holiday season when thinking about gear purchases I'm definitely going to look more into where things are made.  Doing small things such as buying things made locally or in the U.S. can make a big economical impact over all.


  1. I agree Kev. Even though it's getting harder and harder to find companies that don't outsource their manufacturing, I rather pay a few buck more to keep the money local.

  2. Kev
    I found this site that gives you a pretty good detail of products made in America--- it out. Thanks for doing this post, because it makes everyone aware that American products still exist.

  3. Good post. It is important not to but all out stuff fom china. Also it is good to not just but things made in America, but buy them locally at somewhere like great outdoor provisions. You may say that they don't have a good selection compared to the online stores and te prices are higher which is somewhat true but you can ask someone at gopc if they can get some thing or you they don't have. I've done this multiple times with fly tying materials and a fly line.