Thursday, July 14, 2011

Messing with Gills

The pond by my work is a place where I experiment with different flies and try to observe fish behavior. There are ponds next to one another and the fish will act differently depending on what body of water they live in. The bass are not large in the main pond I fish. I think the blue gill are effecting the population. They seem to compete for the same food sources. I found some blue gill beds today. The biggest gill was spending the most of it's time fending off other bluegill from entering the bed. The bass seemed to use this opportunity to hit any food that came close to the area.
The bass were very aggressive. After this video I caught a few more on the other side of the pond. The bass hit without any hesitation. I will be in VA for my wifes family reunion. I tied up some more poppers just in case I get on the Shenandoah River. I'm not sure really where to fish. I talked to a fly shop and they gave me so many options I got over whelmed. I hope to hit a brookie creek and fish for small mouth one day. I tied up some bass bait just for the trip. Here are my latest poppers and clousers.Photobucket

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  1. I wish I could watch that video, but the $#@tty Dial - Up won't allow. 7 minutes is like 7hrs of download in the boonies. The poppers are looking great. Good luck to you on your Brookie and River adventures. Tight Lines.