Friday, July 15, 2011

The Affair

I have to admit what first attracted me was her looks. She wasn’t the prettiest thing I had ever seen but she did have the curves I find attractive. I was teased at first mistaking her for easy but later I realized I had to earn the chance to reap her true rewards. I see her seldom but she intrudes my dreams often. Her demeanor seems soft but she has the power to cut rock. It isn’t always fun times. Some days she is angry and wants nothing to do with me. Dirty and stained by her environment. Other times I’m engulfed in her hospitality and relief from the elements. She understands me. I want to keep her to myself but all I can really take of her is memories. My fear is one day she may be gone, stolen by a wealthy man or corrupted and tainted by society. Happily, I enjoy the time I have with her and it is when I let go and stop trying to figure her out that I enjoy her the most.


  1. Wow...yes, these affairs. Keep this up -- awesome writing, Kev! And thanks for letting me know its "inspiration." ;)

  2. Great Post. Something that will always keep us heading back every chance we get. You call her Eno, I call her Willow :) Tight Lines.

  3. I am headed out this evening to court your lady. I hope she puts out!