Friday, October 29, 2010

Tying more ugly flies

The club recently had presentation on striper fishing. Myself and some of the other members decided to plan a trip. One of the go to flies is called a tutti-fruity. The recipe is:

* Streamer Hook
* Chartreuse and Pink bucktail
* dumbbell eyes
* flashabou

I had everything but the chartreuse bucktail. I decided to try some doll hair mixed with white bucktail. I like the results I just have no idea how it will fish.I kind of like this mottled version too. I really like the chartreuse doll hair in the fly I just wonder how well it will work in the water.I liked the material so much I decided to try a gatorade clouser type fly and a deceiver type.You'd think I'd dress up the flies some and just take pictures of the good ones. I really hate tying and these are about as good as it's gonna get. The black thread in one of the flies I figured could work as a lateral line. I might just cut it out. Depends if it works.I think I have a good batch to get started.
The trip is planned for Nov 11. Until then I'm going to mess around and see what I can tie. I'll probably do more traditional patterns after these.


  1. lookin good man looking forward to the final report as well as a fly or two until then..

  2. Looks like some good flies Kev. Well Done