Saturday, October 16, 2010

Harris Lake

The plan today was to try to get the evening bite at Harris Lake. My friend John has a flats boat with a platform. I was hoping we could use the platform to sight fish for bass and carp. The weather couldn't have been better. 70 degrees not a cloud in the sky and hardly any wind. I tried a top water popper first and had a couple hits on my second cast. The strikes were not ferocious. I figured it was a bluegill or small bass. That was enough action to encourage me but that fizzled out after my next 100 casts yielded no results. We worked coves and ledges trying to find fishing holding on the drop offs under water. I switched from the frog type popper I was using to a clouser I created using just flashabou and peacock herl. With in five casts or so I had my first Harris Lake bass and the first fish I have caught using my 10wt.I recently bought an Albright 10wt and today was my first test run of how the rod would cast and fight fish. The rod doesn't cast as well as I'd like but with a price tag of $30, I can't complain. John kept working the surface with poppers and a gurgler minnow. I tried various clousers, poppers even the pole dancer. The fish just didn't want to cooperate. Even with the slow fishing the atmosphere on the lake was more than peaceful. The leaves are starting to change on the trees and we seemed to be the only boat on the water.We kept fishing until Sunset. Even as the last glimmers of light shined above the trees we didn't see much surface activity. I'm starting to wonder if all these stories I've heard about aggressive fall bass is just a fisherman's rumor. I'm still waiting for my experience but until then I'll just have to enjoy boat rides on glass calm lakes and sunsets like this.

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