Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smallmouth Bass Arsenal

The Smallmouth trip is only days away and the last few nights have been spent tying what I hope will be irresistible to lunkers. I have yet to catch a smallmouth over 12 inches and this trip is going to be my best opportunity. I bought a new fly box just to house my bass flies. Even though the box is mostly filled I never think I have enough.The last trip I was on had a fish come of on a fly I tied that is a type of zonker pattern. I've varied it some with red eyes and rubber legs. It is an ugly fly. It seems now days when you tie a pattern you need to name it. The only name that comes to mind with this fly is the Boogie Monster.The red eyes have a dual purpose. One to look like eyes and two to maybe fool the fish into thinking the red is a gill plate on a mad tom or fish. I tied the fly in a crawfish and shad pattern as well. I decided to put some rubber legs on the crawfish pattern.On the shad pattern I kept the legs off but added some flash.The fly that I have the biggest expectations for is slowly gaining a reputation among fly fisherman. It's called the Pole Dancer. There's a viral video of it going around youtube and several fishing sites showing fisherman catching huge stripers on the fly. My buddy and I decided to give it a try but with the price tag I'm going to make sure I use about 1x and triple check my knots. The fly does look decent though.

I decided to brush up on my smallmouth knowledge by watching Harry Murray's Fly Fishing for Smallmouth. It's a great dvd and he seems like one of the old time members of the fishing club. Some how he makes the movie instructional and entertaining at the same time. I saw a color pattern for one of his clousers and I decided to try tying it myself. Bucktail is pretty pricey for me so my clousers are tied using dust brush material from the $1 store. It does the trick. I tied some other clouser variants including one just out of peacock and flash. I think it actually might work.Overall I think I have a good selection. There are Muskie in the water where we're fishing and I tied a few huge clousers for them.

The trip is in a couple days and I can't wait to create some fish stories with my buddies.


  1. instead of 'flash', you should call it 'bling'.

  2. Those rabbit strips kill, nice load of bass bugs man.