Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop...

I've always been one of those people that learns things the hard way. Even if I get good advice and know there's a better way, I seem to do things the hard way over and over until finally I give in. Today was my latest lesson. I went fishing at lunch at the pond by my work. The weather was rediculous, in the low 70's, not a cloud in the sky. I saw the carp that I beleive I hooked a couple weeks ago. I made a few futile casts towards it. It ignored my fly and continued cruising into the depths until it's enormous shadow dissapeared. I waited for the shadow to reappear, but I was dissapointed. I worked the banks of the pond, not really expecting much. I never did catch anything. I went back to my car and kind and started thinking about this weekend and how I'll get to trout fish. When I pulled into the parking lot, I started to gather my things and rolled up the window.... Crackle, crackle, SNAP.... POP!!!

What's sad, is I knew what this sound was. There was no doubt that was the sound of a rod tip being destroyed by a window closing. I didn't want to look at first and hoped my hearing was just bad, or the window bent the rod enough to make a slight crackling noise like a stick on the threshold of snapping. The end of my rod made an L shape with a few strands of fiberclass holding the tip on and the fly line reinforcing it. I said a few colorful expletives and was reminded by images of people telling me that you should pack up your rod after each use. This just made me madder. This is the second time I have broken a rod this way. The first time, my wife rolled up the window and snapped one. To make matters worse, this was the 8wt orvis my friend gave me. I haven't even had this rod a year.

So anyways, I'm going to see if I can get orvis to fix this, I have a TU member who is a friend that might be able to replace the tip as well. The whole situation is just annoying. I'm ending my rant. At least I'll have my 5wt for this weekend. Hopefully it will get a few tugs from eager trout. I will break it down and put it away everytime. That is the only way to ensure 100% that it will never get snapped by a car door window.


  1. OUCH! That is not a good sound to hear. Hopefully Orvis will be able to get you repaired and back out after those carp soon (Which I still have not caught, btw...)

  2. A buddy of mine (really not me - a buddy) was casting when his tip flew off into the river (still had the fly line on it so it wasn't going far) He thought it was a goner so he threw down his rod and jumped into the river to catch it. He landed right on the rod breaking it in half.