Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pond Feeshin'

I went to the pond by my work today to try and catch that carp again. I didn't see the carp but I did see a bunch of bass and bluegill. I spotted a bass and I put my fly in front of him a few times. I eventually thought I hooked him but it ended up being a bluegill. You hear me in the movie, I get excited thinking I caught the bass, then you'll hear me say, wait a minute....
I only had my video camera so I didn't get many pictures. I caught a few gill and one little bass. I was able to catch this crappie as well. It's the biggest one I've caught yet on a fly rod. The fly I used all day was a small black beetle pattern. The weather was warm compared to what its been. We've had some cold days recently. Today was a nice blue sky cloudless day in the 70's.

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  1. Yet another nice lunch time. I'm jealous. Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend. Russ