Monday, March 9, 2020

First Trip of 2020

I took the day off to head to the mountains and try for some trout. The weather forecast said the high was 50 but the snow showers we experienced said otherwise. It was still a great day with plenty of fish caught.
 The river has been through quite a lot with the amount of rain we've had recently. I didn't recognize parts of it because the topography has been totally changed. 
The flies of the day were the usual brown and green soft hackles I like to tie. I'm always confident on this river and feel like I it dialed in. I went with a friend who hadn't fished here before. He had his first fish on with in 10min. 
I hope this is the first trip of many for 2020. 


  1. Kevin
    Beautiful waters you guys were fishing; is this stream stocked? I would think it would have some native trout in it. Glad to hear from you, stay safe with the virus now in your state. Thanks for sharing

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    2. This water is stocked. Pretty heavily actually. The DH waters get stocked with over 1500 fish each month until summer. The majority of fish are bows and brook trout. You occasionally catch some browns and I think the better fishermen do. Thanks for the comment about the virus. I think it's over hyped a bit but I'm still taking precautions. I have a feeling it's going to hit the service industry pretty hard because many don't have the luxury of paid sick time

  2. Success on the first trip...more to come buddy.

  3. Solid work making the first trip a good trip. Looks like you had fine company as well. Can't beat that.