Friday, June 22, 2018

Looking at Boats..... Again

Not having something to hit the lakes around here is really starting to annoy me. I'm trying to decide if I want something the family can enjoy or just something for myself. The thought of a john boat is intriguing but I really have no place to store it and don't want to deal with a trailer and the engine maintenance. Inflatable boats have caught my eye and some seem to do quite nicely with just a trolling motor. There's one in particular called the Intex 4 and there are forums posts all over of people tricking these boats out.

This kind of setup is a decent investment some where around $500 which is a pretty decent value for a transportable boat that can hold a family of four and has a motor. 

The next options is this Lifetime or Vibe Skipjack Kayak
Both have decent reviews but to be honest I'm over loading stuff on my car. I did it with my Native and it was doable but I can't say I enjoyed it after a day on the water. I'm leaning towards the inflatable boat and installing a wood floor to go inside of it. We'll see what happens I may end up not getting anything. It's fun to shop but it would be more fun to use one of these boats out on the water. I haven't been fishing in awhile. We've had a real heat wave lately with 100+ heat index and horrible humidity. 


  1. Kevin
    My pick would be the inflatable and agree on adding a wood floor. If you had a truck my suggestion would be the Pelican 8 or 10 footer at Academy Sports. I have the 10 footer; for me it is the ultimate in a small lake vessel. Thank for sharing

  2. I like the looks of that inflatable. I had a John boat at one time and loved it but it did get to be a hassle pulling the trailer. I've always had several floattubes and you can't beat them. They can also be tricked out and what could be easier to pack in anywhere.

    1. I like float tubes but the lakes here are so massive it would take too much effort getting around in a little tube.

  3. Inflatable! my numer is me to go fishing :)