Monday, March 26, 2018

So How Did the Tournament Go?

I'm sure a lot of you were wondering how the tournament went. I wondered myself while I tended to the kids while my wife had the flu. She kept telling me to go but I knew the kids were hard enough to deal with when you're healthy. Add a new dog and illness into the mix and it was a no brainer that I was staying home. My wife did admit later she was happy I did. I can't say I wasn't disappointed. Even with the crappy weather I was looking forward to the experience.

Speaking of weather around here it has been very strange. It's not uncommon for Raleigh to get about one day of rain a week. This year it seems we only get one or two days of sunshine. It has also been colder than normal. We have had the kind of weather I don't like at all. It snows but nothing sticks or it is just cold and misty in the low 30's with wind.

I have been tying some and trying to talk my daughter into joining me on the water. She seems more eager to come along. I think she wants the dad time more than a desire to fish. I can see the will I be trapped doing something I hate for hours look in her eyes when I talk about fishing together. I'm really working on trying to keep it light and fun. The weather looks like it's going to take a turn for the better in the next week. If things go well we may hit a pond for some bluegill. I'd really like to get her on the water for some trout though. She has a pair of waders that have been sitting in a closet for over a year.


  1. Wise choice Kevin. I think I might have done the same thing. Other opportunities will come up.

    1. Thanks Howard, I'm sure there will be more tournaments.

  2. Kevin
    Sounds like my wife and I in our early years; enjoy those kids and being young, because the years pass faster as you get older. My wife and I are in the grandchildren stage now, which is as much fun now as raising their Mom and Dad when we were younger. Thanks for sharing