Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I Needed That

One good thing about getting older is you gain experience. I used my lunch break to chase crappie at a local lake. I figured they had to be going shallow to spawn. While I was making my way to the water I saw one other guy releasing a fish he had just caught. "Hey, I know you!" he said. This guy didn't look familiar at all and my blog has been stale for so long I was wondering how this person could possibly know me. Then he told me his name and I realized he is someone I had emailed several times to fish with but things never worked out. I asked if I could fish across the river from him. He acknowledged it was fine and just said "clousers...." I pretty much figured that having already one tied on. A few moments later I had a decent crappie on.

I tried to nonchalantly bring it in but internally I was filled with glee. I hadn't fished in a such a long time and feeling the tug of a fish was like a rekindling of a lost love. We spent the next 20min pulling in quite a few crappie and bluegill. Then like what happens so often the feeding switch was turned off and the fish stopped biting. Out of all the times, places and days to fish, it was kind of funny that we randomly ran into each other. It was like it was meant to be.


  1. You just can't say enough good things about time spent on the water. Good to see you got out and the fish cooperated.

  2. It's a wonderful thing to have a random encounter like this while fishing (where meeting almost seems to have been fated). I just posted about a similar experience where coincidence seems amazing. Thanks for sharing your back to the waters experience.

  3. Nice story Kevin. It's only happened to me a few times and wouldn't you know it, it was someone I didn't want to run into.

  4. Kevin
    Glad to see you are getting back on the water; crappie on the fly is awesome. By the way Crappie is the Cadillac of table fare, no fishy taste!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Glad you got out. Bluegill are on my list to catch this summer. =)

  6. ....and that dude was ME! Kevin, that was really fun! The companion to the story is that I arrived about 10-15 before Kevin, also on a lunch break, and ran into an old timer (not fly fishing) who pointed me where to go, then looked at my box and pulled out my chartreuse Clouser Minnow. I could not believe how quickly the bite was on, and how frequent it was as well.

    Yeah, so I looked up and I'm like, "man, that guy looks familiar...."

    Really fun, and agreed, great experience.

    2 days later I brought my 7 year old to the same hole, and wouldn't you know it, a guy was slaying them but we moved down a bit where I only hooked a few. My 7 year old couldn't grasp the speed at which to retrieve so it was hard for her. We'll get em next time.