Monday, March 21, 2016

Educated Trout

I got out Saturday and tried my luck with some educated trout. The fish don't hit the usual flies like egg patterns, San Juan worms and big bead head flies. It's times like these when the best fly is usually something out of the norm. A fly that you wouldn't normally throw for trout. I went with a copper and green kreelex fly. I was getting many misses that I could tell were reaction strikes. Eventually I caught a few.
I'm really enjoying this Anglers Roost and Piscifun Reel setup. The rod handles well whether I'm nymphing or throwing streamers. A good 14" fish will give you quite a tussle on the 3/4wt. There were a few fish that stripped line several times and I didn't have the upper hand where I could move them wherever I wanted. It makes catching the larger fish much more fun and challenging.


  1. Talking about educated trout. I tried to get the release a lunker patches when I lived in Missouri. It isn't easy to catch a large trout in one of the parks. To get that big, they have had to spend years avoiding hooks that are being thrown at them daily. I have found many many large fish there that wouldn't take anything. I literally threw everything in my box at fish with no strikes. 20-25 fly changes and they just sit there unaffected. In 6 trips to Montauk I caught one "lunker". In 4 trips to Bennett I didn't get a single "lunker".

    1. Hello Adam, the Davidson River in NC has fish just like that. They are 30inches or more and don't hit anything. Some people have luck fishing for them at night or using super small flies. I'm talking size 22 or smaller. The hard part about that is you have to use really small tippet just to tie the fly on. If you do manage to hook a fish you have to play it to perfection so you don't break the 6 or 7x.

  2. Kevin
    Wow, what a nice rainbow; I assume you were fishing pressure water, when you mentioned educated trout. Really impressed with the Kreelex pattern; sometimes it takes off the chart patterns to get a reaction. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great trout indeed Kevin. I don't think of trout as educated just smarter than I am.

  4. Really nice fish, especially if you were fishing pressured water.

  5. Heck of a fish!!! Way to challenge yourself with those smart trout.

  6. Solid fish! Dig those Kreelex flies too. I think my local bass might take a liking to them.