Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bait Patterns

I spent a little time tonight tying bait patterns. These were tied with EP Fibers. I tried different profiles. A bluegill type profile and a thicker and thinner minnow type. I'm still learning how much material is needed for each pattern. A little goes along way.


  1. Great looking patters, that I'm sure will entice some finned friends. The bass around here love the EP bait fish that I tie. You are correct when you say that a little goes a long way. You'd be surprised how little of the material I have used on some. A few friends that I have given them to gave me a look of "where's the rest of it" haha Then they fish it and then see I did them right. Experiment with it, and see what works best for you.

  2. Those are great looking patterns Kevin. You should try a couple of my Powerbait flies. I'm sure they work.

    1. I used my fair share of power bait flies growing up.

  3. Kevin
    Awesome patterns for spots in a feeding mode, parallels shad, thanks for sharing