Friday, February 20, 2015

My Following Of April Vokey Has Been Slacking

She's married now? Has her own show on the World Fishing Network? How did I miss all this. If you haven't seen her show yet it is called Shorelines. You can watch the first episode here.
If you're like me you'll watch anything related to fly fishing even if the video is crap. This kicks it up a notch but it's still hard to look past April looking pretty on the river over the other content. The show advertises itself as a documentary/reality show where April tells the history of steelhead runs in British Columbia. The dialog and music are a little over dramatic at times. They really should get a different person to do narration. Aprils a great fisherman but I wouldn't say a great speaker. You still get enough great fishing footage thrown in to make watching worth while. Say what you want about her show but Aprils doing what she loves, getting paid and doing it her way. You have to respect that. So what is it about April that so many of us find attractive? The obvious thing is her looks but I think what more of us like about her is her love of fishing. We can relate in that way and it's neat to see a woman with more passion for fishing then most of the men we know.


  1. Totally surprising to me, I loved it! By the way Kev, who doesn't love April?

    1. I think my wife isn't fond of her. I think she's worried about what would have happened if I met April before her. Probably nothing, I'm pretty competitive and I'd hate for my gf to be better at fishing than I am.

  2. I felt the same way about her narration, but if they were my words, I know I'd like to be the one speaking them. The only people I'd allow to narrate my words are James Earl Jones or Mike Rowe. She is a gorgeous woman, but I am with you on the "why" we really are so enthralled by her is her love and passion for the sport. She's a great ambassador.

  3. Kevin
    I am like you any fly fishing video gest me fired up, in fact I am always searching Utube for the latest fly fishing videos. Being on a fixed income will never afford me the pleasure of fishing for steelhead or salmon, but I can always look at videos like you have posted here and still dream. Thanks for sharing