Sunday, November 18, 2012

Club Trout Trip

Today I attended a TFF trip to a trout stream.  I've visited this stream before and had great success.
The day had everything. Fish rising to dries and readily taking nymphs. There were big fish.
and little fish.
The best was people catching their first trout ever.
I wish all the trips could be like this. Everyone was hooking up.
The weather cooperated.
Good times were had.


  1. Seems like a lovely trip! Nice for beginners also to catch their first trout.

    Have fun fly fishing,

  2. Nice post! Love it when a plan comes together.

  3. Kevin
    The colors on those bows are outsatnding. The stream looks easy to wade, my kind of stream. What was the exact pattern that worked?

  4. Hey Bill, There was a lot of little black winter stoneflies crawling around. I'm not sure if that's what the fish were feeding on but they were pretty active sipping something off the surface. They were about the sise 14-16. I tried matching the hatch using small softhackles, zebra midges and caddis. All producted fish. The best fly was a bead head soft hackle as usual. That's always my go to. Even the big fish was caught on a bead head softackle hares ear type pattern. Hatchery trout can't seem to resist them.

  5. Love club trips, that's how I learned to fly fish with NKFF.

  6. Makes me wanna hit a trout stream.