Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Not in the Cards

I tried to find a way to get on the water in the last couple weeks.  It has been rough.  I have been super busy at work and the triangle has had record temperatures.  When it's 105 with a heat index of 111 your first thought isn't to go fishing.  This weekend I went to the mtns only to have it rain at every spot I tried.  The water was muddy and washed out.  I made useless attempts at one place that was good to me last year.  All I had to show for my efforts was a small rock bass. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to balance fishing time with family time.  It's really tough when you are away from trout water then go to a relatives house in the heart of prime smallmouth and trout water then are expected to be around all the time.  It's like planning to go shopping and having a pocket full of money only to be stuck outside looking through the window at all the stuff you'd like to buy.   The struggle to find what is selfish and what is allowed to forefill my own happiness seems like it will always be a challenge.

What I've come to realize from these scenarios is a plan and schedule needs to be set in stone before hand to make all the parties involved happy.  I have to set aside a block of time to fish at least one day and stick to it.  No matter what the weather conditions, who can fish with me or what I might miss out on.  I guess I'm happy as long as I don't feel I missed out on the fishing.   


  1. Kev, I think the number one complaint I hear from other bloggers is work is getting in the way of fishing. If you figure out a solution please share.

  2. That's the best you can do. Good luck.