Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cold Morning, Hot Fishing

This was only my mothers second time attempting to trout fish.  I mentioned it would be cold in the morning.  Even I was a little surprised when the temp read 25 as I stepped out to get my gear on.  It's a funny feeling when it is that cold.  You try to move fast to warm up but the cold hampers your movement and you have to stop every so often to blow in your hands.   We still managed to get our gear on and head down to the river.   The morning was beautiful and there's something about seeing sunlight shine through mist and your breath.  I went to my usual hole and it didn't take long to get my first trout of the day.
I rarely catch a fish with in my first few casts. I enjoyed the moment and didn't try to put a lot of emphasis on the event like it was foreshadowing the day. As the sun and temperature rose so did the fishing. Whenever I go fishing with a group there is always one lucky person who just seems to have everything going for them that day. Today that lucky person was me. Most of my hook ups the fish stayed on and I was able to land them. I had to pay close attention to my indicator and I started to recognize how these fish hit. Most of the fish were rainbows but in one section there seemed to be a cluster of drab brookies.
The water was clearer than the last time and a lot colder. One part of the day some small size 20 bugs started hatching. Fish never started hitting the surface but the fishing did seem to pick up.
The hot fly was a small size 18 bead head pheasant tail. My mother struggled at first. She had the problem normal beginners have. Wind knots and tangling the leader over the rod. She persevered and was able to get the skunk off.
It was a great day. One of those ones where you're not quite sure how many fish you caught but you know it was a lot. The day had blue bird skies and there was still some color on the trees to keep things scenic.


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  2. Kev
    Sorry about the last comment, I was in a hurry and left words out---anyway glad you and your Mom were able to land some quality trout. To land fish on a Blue Bird Day is quite accomplishment. Thanks for sharing

  3. Had a great time thanks for organizing us. I didn't get as many trout as you but it was still fun ad am looking foreword to going there again.

  4. Wow, what an honor to take your mom fishing. Good show Kev.

  5. Very nice Kev! Glad you could hook into some nice fish. She looks like she really enjoyed it.

  6. Great looking fish. Glad to see your mom was able to avoid the skunk. I love those days where you can't remember how many you caught :) Great pics. Tight lines.