Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Epic Fail

Not only did I get out just once this December to fish. I also never made my goal of one fish per month. I tried to start the new year right this last weekend and looked into fishing a stream in VA. There was snow on the ground from a storm a few days before. The depth impressed me since the surrounding area was mostly void of substantial amounts. The snow at the elevation where the river was seemed to be 8-10inches. There was still ice covering many sections where the water was calm. I didn't want to fish with out a license so I spent the day enjoying the scenery. I'm definitely going to get a out of state and be back to check out some water near by. I didn't realize how close my father in law lived to trout water. Maybe I can get him out on the water. He received a fly rod as a gift over a year ago and it has yet to be cast.

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