Monday, February 22, 2010

Another lesson learned..

We finally had some 60 degree weather here in Raleigh. I decided to try my luck fishing for some crappie on the Neuse. I had not white flies so I stopped by the Great Outdoor Provision to get some White Buggers. Of course they were out, they've been out for awhile and I had to get a clouser type substitute. Little did I know this all was a waste of time. Since the weather was so nice the usual places people stop to hike around falls lake and the dam were jam packed with cars. It was pretty rediculous. I found a place to park and rigged up before looking at the water. That was my first mistake. As I drove up I glanced at the river a few times and I saw what looked to be good places where ice was still on the water. After I started to make my way to the river I could see the white wasn't ice but foam. The river was moving at break neck speeds. The usual places where I walked were under a good 3-6 ft of water. It was pretty spooky actually. One slip and you'd be downstream in no time. I knew pretty much my fishing day was over. I made some futile attempts to fish some eddies but it was pretty much a joke. Next time I'll make sure I check the water flows before heading to the river. It hasn't rained much in the last week so I figured the water would have been down. I guess I didn't think about all the snow that's probably melted up north.

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