Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog Neglection

This blog has really been getting neglected. Good news, I went fishing over the weekend and the bluegill ponds by my house are heating up. Bad news, I've only taken the kayak out once on the lakes around here and I haven't fished a big river in awhile. I might have to go to Boone this weekend and get my trout fix. Either that or hit the Eno. I've never been there but heard great things about it. Its been hard to make time for school, rock climbing, hanging out with friends, the wife and then fishing. The days are getting longer, but the plant growth is getting worse. The trails that were easy to navigate are now over grown and the paths are unrecognizable. You still know where they are but now they are lined with poison ivy, briar bushes and who knows whatelse. I will just have to man up and brave it one of these days. It's easy right now to go to my local pond and nab some little gills. The Eno is enticing to me and it's only a matter of time before I get there.

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  1. Your forgot to mention the spiders lurking in all that undergrowth. EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! We'll be up at Dad's this weekend but you're welcome to come and use the house. Just let us know and we'll stash a key for ya. Caught some fatties down at the pond last week with Carter. Got our hat-trick with Carter realing them in. School is out three weeks from today tick tick tick. Russ...